We can help you with recording, publishing, songwriting and artist development.

The record label is in transition and in the process of licensing International acts for licensing into Australia.

Flotown was formed in 2010, the mission statement is to take good quality music to the world. We have extensive music contacts throughout the world, Europe and U.S.A in particular. We believe in building a strong alliance with our artists in order to set them up for longevity in their careers. We also have a strong emphasis on putting together strong packages in order to make them more accessible to the Public. We are an A + R focused company, that can facilitate. In the music production/songwriting departments, as well as the visual/merchandise areas.

Record / Publishing

Here we work with and on artists we sign with a view of pushing them into the Market place

Songwriting / Production teams

Here we focus on putting together, songs for our own artists as well as Co-writing and writing for external artists. We can do composition, production, lyrical work with and for the artist.

Artist Development

Here we focus on setting the pathway for Artist to secure their record deals. Also to prepare them for the industry, media, performance, presentation. This is key to sustaining careers in the industry ahead.

A & R

The A + R department is headed up by Michael Dover, with nearly twenty year experience in music and entertainment. He has worked in the music industries in England, U.S. and Australia. We are constantly looking for talented artists, producers, songwriters, singers, etc . Contact michael@flotownrecords.com

Contact us

Email: enquiries@dovermgmt.com.au
Phone: +61 (0) 411 297 937

Suite 137, 199 Toorak Road, South Yarra, VIC 3141, Australia